City Grammar School 1942 Latin Society Ramble

Sitting on the wall - 01 XXX - 02 Joan Redfearn

Seated left to right - 03 Derek Oliver - 04 Tony Bullivant - 05 Peter Sylvester - 06 Edmund Dore
07 Elsie Fogg - 08 XXX - 09 Evelyn Roe - 10 Michael Atkinson - 11 Margaret Baines

Some memories of these days from MICHAEL ATKINSON

At the beginning of the course, Mr Thompson Junior gave his students Latin names, where possible
relating to some feature or a past activity or the surnames.  These ones I remember :-

Joan Redfearn was Rubella, from "red" in her name;  I never discovered whether
he, or she, knew it is the medical name for German Measles.

Michael Atkinson was Primus, from an exam success.

Evelyn Roe was Ordo, from her surname (= 'row').

Edmund Dore was Somnus, as in 'dormouse'.

Peter Sylvester was Sylvanus, for his surname.

Tony Bullivant was Briganticus, because he came to us from Bridlington.

Ron Sawyer, not in the photo, was Serrarius (serra = saw in Latin).

Derek Oliver was Protector.

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