City Grammar 1947 Form 2 (October 45)

01 Gordon Hodgkinson - 02 Jim Basford - 03 Harry Furniss - 04 David Millis

05 Ray Dalby - 06 Ken Whyers - 07 Mike Bunting - 08 Alan Buckley - 09 Bill Hogarth - 10 William Sykes

11 Bill Sellars - 12 Keith Guite - 13 Lawrie Hawley - 14 Steve "Mick" O'Donoghue - 15 Bill Betts - 16 John Smith
17 Tom Clarke - 18 Colin Cooke - 19 Barry Pagdin - 20 Derek Sawyer - 21 Bryan Millis - 22 Ted Machin

23 Arthur Button - 24 Eric Damms - 25 Eric Ellis - 26 Jim Clarke - 27 Jeffrey Barnard - 28 Mr Benson
29 Barry Foster - 30 Terry Sharpe - 31 Alan Roberts - 32 Michael Fieldsend - 33 XXX Robinson

Mr Benson was a super teacher, and taught Physics.  His one weakness, (which we exploited!) was that he was easily sidetracked into other subjects whilst lecturing about another!   The furniture in the school was "dogeared" to put it mildly and you could not store your books anywhere safely, so everything had to go into your school bag.  This meant that you were carrying around with you ALL the text books and exercise books for that particular day.   Also on the photo are the twins "Millis" and one of the teachers referred to them as "Milli", as the teachers could never tell one from the other. However all the classmates could tell the difference!   Lovely to see them all again, I wonder if any can be contacted?   
Memories of shopping at Andrews (opposite the Technical School entrance) and Brydons for our pens, protractors, etc.  We used to dash down into the city centre to Marsdens Milk Bar and go to the British Restaurant when the school meals were doubtful.  A play area was on the site of John Lewis which at that time was a large bomb site, latterly a car park.

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