City Grammar 1950 School Play
The Merry Wives Of Windsor

01 Sheila Holdsworth - 02 Olga Bennett - 03 Laurie Lennon - 04 Tony Kay - 05 XXX - 06 Bill Betts

The Merry Wives of Windsor

To choose this play for producing, even by a professional company, requires a good deal of courage. Very seldom is the choice made, and even less seldom is it justified. To have chosen it for producing with a cast of school boys and girls might well have seemed pure midsummer madness. But the brilliant result in the Dramatic Society's play presented on 12th to 14th July fully justified the choice. The thin plot (or series of situations) was given more life and vigour than usual by the quickness of the tempo. This speed was chiefly made possible by the fact that, as last year, the play was produced as nearly as possible in the Shakespearean manner - with no front curtains, no pauses between scenes, and Shakespearean manner - with no front curtains, no pauses between scenes, and no cumbersome scenery to move. The humour received full play by the clever casting, and by the excellent acting of all concerned, from the Falstaff of Peter Ives (which would have done credit to even a good adult company) to the amusing simplicity of Royden Fairfax's Simple. The play's scantiness was overcome by the addition of appropriate folk-songs and dances inserted so skillfully as to seem a natural part of the play.

01 XXX - 02 XXX - 03 XXX - 04 XXX - 05 XXX


Mr Bailey again wrote his own verse Prologue - a very suitable one in which Queen Elizabeth orders Shakespeare to produce his play about the Windsor folk, and the latter are all presented to her and to the audience. The Prologue was preceded by a procession of all the characters through the hall.

 01 Olga Bennett - 02 Peter Ives - 03 Sheila Holdsworth


As usual, there was excellent team-work. Dancers, musicians, stage-hands, painters, dress-makers, make-up artists, actors and all those directing them, worked together harmoniously under the able lead of the producer, Mr A. C. Bailey, to provide us with a full and delightful evening's entertainment.


01 XXX - 02 Sheila Holdsworth - 03 Peter Ives - 04 XXX - 05 Olga Bennett

Back stage staff and helpers

Back row:- 01 Mr Bailey - 02 Mrs Rignall - 03 XXX - 04 Mr Drake
05 XXX - 06 XXX - 07 Miss Thorold - 08 XXX

Front row:- 09 XXX - 10 XXX - 11 Geoff Coleshill

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