City Grammar 1950 The Holly Guild Dramatic Society
Three Half Crowns
J. J. Melluish

This play was the second production of the HOLLY GUILD DRAMATIC SOCIETY, which was by this time renamed (with permission) THE HOLLY PLAYERS - thought to be a slicker name for a drama group. The performances took place on January 5th., 6th. and 7th. 1950.

The cast list was as follows :-

R Michael Atkinson
Pat West
R Neville Bannister
Stella Snowden
Alan Fields
Geoffrey P Atkinson
Roy E Taylor
Margaret Snowden
Isobel Whitham
Dorothy Wood
Richard M Lister

Bellamy gets annoyed when told "There are no eggs for breakfast"

Left :- Margaret Snowden - Roy E. Taylor - Richard Lister
Seated :- Isobel Witham
Centre :- R. Michael Atkinson - R. Neville Bannister - Pat West
Standing Right :- Dorothy Wood - Geoffrey P. Atkinson
Seated Right :- Alan Fields - Stella Snowden

Producer :-  Jim Dyson
Stage Manager :-  Geoffrey P. Atkinson
Lighting :-  Brian Oliver


Comment from the Sheffield Telegraph and the Sheffield Star :-

"Three Half Crowns" is a farce of ancient vintage - of the days when presumably sensible people still regarded the stage as a disreputable profession - but it contains several amusing situations which the HOLLY GUILD DRAMATIC SOCIETY turned to effective account.

Producer Jim Dyson had instilled a lively playing pace, which the players efficiently maintained for the major part of the piece. The primary figures of fun were ably presented by Neville Bannister (Colonel Bellamy), Geoff Atkinson (Rev. Beddle), Mike Atkinson (William), and Richard Lester (Mr. Quirke).

Sound feminine support came from Isobel Witham (Sally Desmond) and Dorothy Wood (Sybil Manners).

Alan Fields, though competent in much he did, was not successfully cast as Bob Bellamy, and amongst the smaller parts Stella Snowden (Mrs. Bellamy) and Margaret Snowden (Lady Burley) were prone to sacrifice characterisation to elocution.

Make-up for the "elders" in the play was not entirely satisfactory, but an honourable mention is decidedly in order for a most admirable setting.

Jack Walsh


Amateurs Presenting Lively Farce :-

The Holly Guild Dramatic Society's presentation of "Three Half Crowns" at the Sheffield City Grammar School hall, tonight and tomorrow do full justice to John J. Melluish's witty dialogue.

Outstanding in a very good cast are Neville Bannister, as the fiery Colonel Bellamy;  Geoff Atkinson, as the nervous and rather lively Rev. Beddle;  and Mike Atkinson who gives an excellent portrayal of the lofty butler, William.

Well-timed entrances show the thoughtful efforts of the producer, Mr. Jim Dyson.


Two brothers, Mike and Geoffrey Atkinson, and two sisters, Stella and Margaret Snowden, play leading parts in the Holly Guild Dramatic Society's production of "Three Half Crowns" presented last night at the City Grammar School hall, Sheffield.

Produced by Mr. J Dyson, the comedy draws ripples of laughter due to the enthusiasm of the hardworking cast.

Mr Neville Bannister is excellent as the irascible colonel, and Miss Isobel Whitham gives a polished performance as the "femme fatale".


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