City Grammar 1951 School Play
Androcles And The Lion - William Shakespeare

"Androcles and the Lion"

In the last week of the summer term, the Dramatic Society once again gave us the entertainment that, selfishly perhaps, we have begun to take for granted.  We do not agree with Shaw's opinion of the comparative worth of his own and Shakespeare's plays, but we did enjoy the latest Dramatic Society production of one of his shorter works.

It would seem irrelevant to pick out individuals from a cast which, above all else, is noted for its team-work, but perhaps it would be churlish not to mention Margaret Thompson's Megaera, Smith's Androcles, Bett's Ferrovius, Olga Bennett's Lavinia, and Fairfax's whimpering and waltzing Lion.  Suffice it to say that all the cast entered into the spirit of Mr. Bailey's production.  With the above assistance of Miss Thorold, he made the play move as quickly as it is possible to do without interfering with the essential dialogue.

To all those who took part, to the producer, and the many back-room boys, our thanks for yet another enjoyable evening.

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