City Grammar 1951 The Holly Guild Dramatic Society
When We Are Married
J. B. Priestley

This play was the third production of the HOLLY GUILD DRAMATIC SOCIETY.  The performances took place on January 3rd., 4th. and 5th. 1951.

The cast list was as follows :-

Geoffrey P Atkinson   ---   Neville Bannister
Stella Snowden           ---   Sylvia Justice
 Dorothy Wood            ---   Roy Taylor
Audrey Eccersley       ---   Joan McLennan
Brian Coyne                ---   Philip Atter
Shirley Pearson          ---   Richard Lister
Alan Fell                       ---   Olive Liddell

Standing :- Audrey Eccersley - Brian Coyne - Shirley Pearson - Geoff Atkinson - Alan Fell
Seated :- Stella Snowden - Olive Liddell - Dorothy Wood

"This is Mr. Henry Ormonroyd, our photographer"
Left to right :- Joan McLennan - Roy E Taylor - Nevolle Bannister - Philip Atter

"After 25 years wear and tear, very nice"
Left to right :- Joan McLennan - Roy E Taylor - Nevolle Bannister - Philip Atter

"Now then, Albert, you'll find that's a good cigar, La Corona"
Left to right :- Alan Fell - Stella Snowden - Geoff Atkinson - Brian Coyne - Olive Liddell - Dorothy Wood

"The full cast"
Left :- Neville Bannister - Sylvia Justice - Roy E Taylor Joan McLennan
Centre :- Shirley Pearson - Audrey Eccersley - Philip Atter
Right :- Richard Lister - Geoff Atkinson - Brian Coyne - Alan Fell
Seated :- Stella Snowden - Olive Liddell - Dorothy Wood

Producer :-  Jim Dyson
Stage Manager :-  Geoffrey P. Atkinson
Lighting :-  Brian Oliver


Comment from the Sheffield Telegraph and the Sheffield Star :-

Married To Their Roles (10-2-51)

Holly Guild DS reflected the festive spirit suggested in their title by the bright manner in which they presented "When We Are Married".

This is a hilarious comedy of errors, and good team-work, allied to sound casting ensured an appreciative audience of a well-spent evening.

For most of the way the pace was merrily maintained and the occasional lapses in this respect were of a minor and transient nature.

If the piece has star parts they are those of the three couples joined in presumably unhallowed union, plus the bibulous photographer, Henry Ormonroyd.

The players responsible for these characterisations were all very competent in their interpretations, and special mention should be made of Geoff. Atkinson (Councillor Albert Parker), Stella Snowden (Annie Parker) and Clara Soppitt (Doorothy Wood).

Support from the remainder was on a consistent and able level, and the contributions of Audrey Eccersley (a fiery Mrs Northrop) and Shirley Pearson (a pert Ruby Birtle) were particularly noticed.

The setting executed by the members themselves, was excellent.


'Bombshell' at the Silver Weddings - (04-01-51)

Three West Riding couples in the middle of a joint silver wedding celebration, suddenly learn they were not married by a properly authorised priest.

This is the basis for the comedy "When We Are Married" presented by the Holly Guild Dramatic Society at the City Grammar School.

Bryan Coyne, Geoff Atkinson and Dorothy Wood gave notable studies of unpleasantly surprised married folk, while Neville Bannister was excellent as the "unsteady" photographer unable to get anything into proper focus.

Shirley Pearson as the maid, Audrey Eccersley as the housekeeper, and Sylvia Justice as a competent vamp, gave good support.

The play produced by Jim Dyson will be repeated tonight and tomorrow.



Three Couples In A Marriage Quandary - (04/01/51)

Married or unmarried on their silver wedding anniversary  The quandary of the three Yorkshire couples in Priestley's play "When We Are Married" has made them the most familiar characters on the amateur stage.

The task of the Holly Guild Dramatic Society at the City Grammar School, Sheffield, last night was not to be original, but to make the well-known characters appear as people, not caricatures.

This they achieved.

Geoff Atkinson, the councillor, Bryan Coyne, the alderman, and Neville Bannister, the photographer, were good.

Producer Jim Dyson had fine support from Dorothy Wood, Shirley Pearson, Audrey Eccersley, Silvia Justice, Olive Liddell, Alan Fell, Richard Lister, Roy Taylor and Philip Atter.


The Setting - Photos taken by Roy E Taylor


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