City Grammar 1952 (June)
Visit to Roche Abbey

Back Row Left to Right :-   01 Richard Boielle - 02 Maureen Jepson - 03 Christine Nell

Middle Row Left to Right :- 04 Ann Cribley - 05 Joyce Iggo - 06 David Stocks - 07 Jean Stafford
                                           08 Barbara Hodson - 09 Brenda Siddall - 10 Margaret Salvin

Seated Front :-                   11 Terry Reaney

A visit to Roche Abbey

Mr. Goodfellow condemned himself when he promised 3H a visit to Roche Abbey, for we tormented him until he arranged for us to go.  It was a glorious day in June when, after school we sent out by coach.  There were about thirty of us, including Mr. Goodfellow and Mr. Withington.  On the way, we saw Sherwood Forest in the distance and lovely fields of ripening corn.

Roche Abbey is tucked away in a valley with dense trees hiding it from view.  We abandoned our chariot at the top of a narrow lane and then made our way down it, eager to find out what was at the bottom.  First of all we came to the old gate house where the poor and maimed used to obtain food and shelter.  We then entered the grounds of the Abbey via a small stone building where we paid our entrance fee and where minerals were sold (to our delight).

We had a plan of the Abbey, as it used to be, and we picked out the foundations of the various rooms, including the refectory.  The only standing walls are those of the church behind the altar.

Through the Abbey runs a small river, over which are dainty stone bridges as old as the Abbey itself.  This river was inside the Abbey and was used to carry away the sewage.

We enjoyed our visit very much and thank Mr Goodfellow for making it possible for us to see this interesting link with the past.


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