City Grammar School Play July 1952
Twelfth Night

"Twelfth Night" - July, 1952

The regular yearly production of a play by the School Dramatic Society is now an established part of the life of  the School.  This year, the play chosen was Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, a comedy which, even if some of its wordplay has lost much of its significance, still has plenty of poetry and humour to offer in plot, characters and dialogue.

The high standard we have come to expect, rather than fully appreciate (considering the Society's limited resources) was maintained in its latest production.  Although there was not a weak link to be found in the play, some of the individual performances warrant special mention.  Watkin's Malvolio, Sybil Fisher's Viola, Anderson's Sir Andrew Aguecheek, and Olga Bennett's Maria were all admirable achievements.

Miss Johnson's original and skilful decor was an ideal wetting for a production which stressed the "festival" conception of the play, suggested by its title, and the singing of the madrigals (and music specially composed by Mr. Fanthom) by the Choral Society under Mr. Taylor, besides being of a very high standard, harmonized well with the work of the actors.

We should not forget to acknowledge gratefully the unflagging efforts of Mr. Bailey as producer - he has done a great deal for the School - and those who helped behind the scenes, and thank all concerned for a most enjoyable entertainment.

 M. Tyson


left to right  Bill Betts - Keith Orrell - Alan Anderson - Olga Bennett