City Grammar 1953 Needlework

A Decorative Seam
Using pin stitching.
Pin stitching resembles hem stitching.  It is used for seams on undergarments and uppergarments, e.g. on the panel seams of a petticoat or a blouse.  A coarse needle is used, fine thread and fine material.
A "lapped" seam is prepared and pin stitching is worked from the right side.  To work the stitch.
1. Begin at right hand side by fastening the cotton with a back stitch on to the wrong side of the work

2. Bring the cotton through to the right side and pick up 3 or 4 threads beneath the hem (diagram 1).

3. Sew over the same threads a second time, first making two holes (diagram 2).

4.  Place the needle in the 1st hole beneath the hem and carry it into the hem on a level with the 1st hole (diagram 3).

5. On the wrong side, the stitch resembles hemming and backstitching.  The needle should leave a hole in the material and the cotton should be pulled tight after each stitch but should not pucker the work.

6.  The raw edges on the wrong side should be neatened by loop-stitching or oversewing.

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