City Grammar School Play 1954 July 14th. - 16th.
One Hundred Years Old - "El Centenario"

01 XXX - 02 XXX - 03 Barbara Daubney - 04 XXX - 05 Maureen Marshall - 06 John Clarke
07 Michael Cowes - 08 Robert Mulvey - 09 XXX - 10 XXX - 11 Enid Hartle
12 XXX - 13 XXX - 14 XXX - 15 XXX


It has come to be a commonplace that the School expects each Society to maintain "the high standard of work achieved in previous years". I am not so sure that even the teachers have any clear notion of this mystical criterion. However, there is no doubt whatsoever that the School Dramatic Society's production of "One Hundred Years Old", by the Brothers Quintero, was one of the highest order and thus in keeping with the Society's traditions.

First of all, we must congratulate Mr. Bailey for introducing us to this entertaining comedy. It is not an easy play to do - the television performance, which followed our school one, proved this. Nevertheless, Mr Bailey's ability and hard work made the play a great success.

The set, designed and painted by Miss Johnson and Keith Taylor, was original, realistic and attractive - as was proved by the reaction of the audiences each night, when the curtain first went up. The music, too, helped quickly to create the right atmosphere.

Although there was no weak link in the play, I must mention the following as deserving extra praise: John Clarke as the dyspeptic Don Evaristo, Robert Monks as Dona Marciala, and Michial Cowles at the drunken Communist Alonso.

It only remains for we should thank those who worked behind the scenes and all others concerned, for an enjoyable evening's entertainment.

Keith Bell (6U).