City Grammar 1954
The Queen's Visit To Sheffield

The Queen's visit to Sheffield, 1954

Frank Hulford and party at Hillsborough for the Queens visit
Anyone recognise the pupils ?

The first sitting lunch bell rang at five to twelve.  Most pupils dashed down the stairs, eager both to eat lunch, and, to see our Queen, in fifty five minutes.  The poor unfortunate "second-sitters" were rushing down Orchard Lane to see if Her Majesty The Queen could possibly have arrived early, but alas! No such luck.

After a quick lunch, (much indigestion) we raced to Leopold Street end to obtain good vantage points.  At twelve forty-seven, a loud cheer rang through the Town Hall square as a large black limousine drew up.  Out stepped the Queen, smiling radiantly in a green and black ensemble.  A bouquet of chrysanthemums was presented to Her Majesty who then began to inspect the Guard of Honour.

At twelve fifty, on the beautifully decorated balcony appeared Her Majesty The Queen, and His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh.  A sea of flags appeared, and a tumultuous cheer as the Duke and the Queen smiled and waved to the joyous Sheffielders.

I do not need to expatiate upon the memorable happenings at Hillsborough in the afternoon.  Who will ever forget the Children's Display which culminated in the spelling out of "WELCOME TO SHEFFIELD", the formation of the Union Jack;  and some brilliant counter-marching?  Finally, The Royal couple were heartily cheered as they toured the ground in a Land-Rover.

Later, the Royal party visited the English Steel Corporation, watched the performance of a special masque at the University, and in the evening attended a reception at the Cutlers' Hall.  They left Sheffield at 11 p.m. To continue their West Riding tour.

Wendy Osborne 4A

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