City Grammar Sports Day 1955 July 5th.
Niagara Sports Ground Wadsley Bridge


Sports Day - Tuesday, 5th July 1955

We were all glad to see the Niagara Ground at its very best on this warm sunny day.  House points were won as follows:-  ZULU 230;  MAORI 206;  KAFFIR 163.

B. Willington 5A, the Victor Ludorum, won the Senior Long Jump (18' 6"), High Jump (5' 3"), 440 yds. (58.5 secs.) and 100 yds. (11 secs.)  The Victrix, Anne Johns 4A, won the Broad Jump (7' 2") Long Jump (13' 11½"), 200 yds., and 100 yds. (12.1 secs).  Both are Zulus.

There were outstanding performances by John Shaw (ZULU) 5B, High Jump (5' 2");  Pat Walker (ZULU) 4A, High Jump (4' 7");  and by Gerald Tinkham (ZULU) 4B, the outstanding Middle School athlete, won the High Jump 4' 6", Long Jump, 200 yds. And 100 yds.

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