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The School Fiction Library

The Fiction Library

The fiction Library may be used, free of charge, by all pupils.  For details about times of opening and where the books are kept, please read one of the Notices (e.g. on Upper or Lower Corridor)

Books may be reserved, again free of charge, merely by informing the Librarian of the author's surname and the title of the book.  It would greatly help, however, if a slip of paper, giving necessary details were handed to me, should the book not be received within a fortnight or so.  I should then be able to request the borrower to return it promptly.

A book may be renewed (provided no-one has reserved it), if one supplies the same information as for reserving it.

The books or book covers in the Display Case (Top Corridor) are normally changed every two or three weeks.  I place them there in order to interest people in the books.  I keep the key quite handy and am very pleased when people ask to borrow the books.  In Room 19, is a Classics Cupboard of special interest to Senior pupils:  it is not possible to display all the Classics in so small a space, so please enquire about others that interest you.

Books are quite often added to the Library (sometimes presented by generous pupils!)  Recent additions to Room 19 include: Hastings "Eagle Special Investigator", Malcolm Saville - "Spring Comes to Nettleford" and for older readers, a number of  "Saint" books, by Leslie Charteris.

In preparation for routine inspections by the Public Librarians, it is necessary (as at present) to call in all books borrowed from Rooms 18 and 8L.  These rooms are still open for making reservations and are normally open again as usual before the last week of Term.

J. H. Horn (Room 6)

If anyone has more information please send me the details - Click on the E-Mail link below.