City Grammar - Memories - Eileen Brown


My earliest memory of CGS was the 'introduction' of the new year which I think was in the music room. I was totally overawed by the large number of children, my having come from a small junior school. I couldn't understand why I was voted as form captain when nobody really knew me? I felt like a fish out of water as academically I was only any good at English and Art. If it were not for sport I don't think I would have survived.

I remember the school buses to Ringinglow and how one day half of the waiting queue disbanded very quickly when they spotted Sir Cliff Richard leaving the Grand Hotel. When he saw the 'horde' of schoolgirls he turned and ran back in!

Another memory involving a pop star called Vince Eager. Anyway a group of us had gone to the back door of the City Hall in our lunch break and Vince asked if someone would fetch him some item or other from Andrews stationers. I think it was Sandra Griffiths (though I could well be wrong) and he gave her the sixpence change which she wore on a chain around her neck.

I also have fond memories of the Norfolk Cafe where a group of us from the fifth year descended at lunchtimes. We listened to records on the jukebox. WE included Sheila Bedford, Jean Goddard, Sandra Griffiths and others.

My last memory was on leaving day. Those expecting prizes were told to sit at the front and so I sat right at the back! Mr Harvatt called out my name to receive my school colours for Hockey, it was totally unexpected as I was only in the fifth form. I had a very long, embarrassing walk to the front, happily accompanied by cheers!

Yes, CGS did me proud and I went on to be a Manager with British Telecom believe it or not doing some teaching along the way.

Eileen Skinner (nee Brown) December 2003

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