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Life after Sheffield City Grammar School of Leo Young (formerly Jung)

Education .
I came to Sheffield in 1938, and soon after arrival was admitted to the Sheffield City Grammar School.  When war started in September 1939, I was evacuated to Kegworth in Leicestershire.  Homesick, I returned to Sheffield in June 1940.  My family moved to York in February 1942, where I went to St. Peterís school.   In 1943 I went to Cambridge, and took degrees in Math (1945) and in Physics (1947).

Bradford, London, and America.
After Cambridge, I taught for one year at the Bradford Technical College (living at home with my parents), then moved to London in 1948.  Married in 1953, we moved to America the same year, first to Baltimore, Maryland, then to California, then to a suburb of Washington, DC.  I moved back to Baltimore in 1999.

Family History.
I was married in January 1953 in Sunderland to Fay Merskey, at which time we had no inkling that we would soon be moving to the United States.  Fay passed away relatively young, in 1981.  I was married again in Washington in 1983 to Ruth Breslow, a social worker.  Ruth passed away after a long illness in 1996.  I was married a third time in 1999 to Jo-Ellen Turner, who teaches English at Villa Julie College in Baltimore.  (Thatís why I moved back to Baltimore.  Baltimore is about 40 miles from Washington.)  Jo-Ellenís daughter and family (originally from Philadelphia) now live in London.  We just returned from visiting them.  My sister lives in Manchester.

Employment History.
I worked in London on radar research, first at Cossor, then at Decca Radar, till 1953.  That year I was made an offer I couldnít refuse by Westinghouse in Baltimore, Maryland, with moving expenses paid.  In 1960 I joined Stanford Research Institute in California, to do research more academic than is possible in industry.  I came to Washington in 1973, at first to work at the Naval Research Laboratory, then as Director for Research in the Pentagon.  I retired in 1994.  Later that year I started to consult for Filtronic, Ltd, in Bradford, Yorks.   A fringe benefit was frequent visits to England.  (Since Filtronic has many facilities in the US, most meetings nowadays are held by teleconferencing between the UK and the US, thus cutting down on travel.)   After retirement I moved back to Baltimore in 1999 for reasons explained above.

Professional Society Activities.
I have been active all my life in professional societies, especially the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers).  I served on the Board for eight years and became President and Chairman of the Board for 1980.

Current Status.
I am now retired except for my Filtronic consulting.  I keep busy doing volunteer work, for example serving on committees of the IEEE, the National Academy of Engineering, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and the Johns Hopkins University.  I enjoy reading books (for which I never had much time before), auditing classes at Jo-Ellenís College, and browsing on the netówhich is how I found Alan Lomaxís website on the Sheffield City Grammar School, and thanks to him, of you.

With best wishes,

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