City Grammar - Philip Jackson - Obituary
2003 February Philip Jackson - Obituary

I was privileged to know Philip Jackson for the last ten years and attended his funeral in February 2003. Philip was a Reader at Sutton on Sea Parish Church. Attached is his obituary written by his Parish Priest, Rev. Leslie Aitkin

Eric Damms

In The April edition of the church magazine, we printed an obituary of the life of Mr.Philip Jackson our former churchwarden and layreader who died in mid-February Unfortunately, due to a copying error not all editions of the magazine contained the obituary. So. in order to correct that unfortunate omission, we re-printed the obituary in this June edition.


The funeral service of Mr Philip Jackson took place on Wednesday.
February 26th at St Clement’s Church with a very large congregation

Present. People came from far and wide in Lincolnshire and even well beyond. The Rector paid tribute to Philip’s many qualities as a christian. Mention was made of Philip’s care for children and young people and his time over thirty years expenence as a schoolmaster at Bentham School, situated on the border of Lancashire and Cumbria. Since retirement he had been a Bishops Visitor for schools as well, in the Diocese of Lincoln.
For the past eight years Philip had been a diligent and hard-working layreader, preaching regularly on a Sunday here at St.Clement s but aIso eIsewhere jn the area, He was for a time Secretary of the Area of Layreaders, helpng to administer the work and ministry of layreaders. He was too, a magnificent Churchwarden at St. Clement’s over fifteen years displaying the utmost dedication to that task - looking after Church fabric, copying this magazine, compiling sidesmen and reader’s rosters, as well as being a kind and sympathetic friend of many both in the Church and outside it. He was simply a very good man and a devoted christian layman whose presence will be missed, since his contribution to the Church was so dedicated and sacrificial.

After a long battle with cancer since the autumn, a battle which Philip faced with typical courage and faith in God, his soul is now at peace with the God he always loved. We can only do our best to follow his good and kindly christian actions and continue the work that he helped to sustain as a servant of St.Clement’s Church and that is surely what he would always want us to do.

Leslie Aitken  (Rector)

Not mentioned but Eric and Tim Ellis, also CGS, attended the service and afterward, in memory of past times, sang the School Song.

Omnes amici.