City Grammar - Dave Clarke - Obituary
Dave passed away July 2012

Early July, our friend, Dave Clarke died suddenly and far too soon. He was loved by everyone he touched during his life. His Falmouth students wrote “our great teacher and mentor passed away”.

Born January 17th 1952 and after lightening our lives at City Grammar for many years, Dave studied his great love and passion, photography, at Central London Polytechnic on the first ever photography degree course. He joined the BBC as staff photographer and lighting consultant and worked on his first film in 1973. He travelled the world photographing many great stars from Lauren Bacall, to Laurence Olivier, to Shelley Winters.

In the early 90’s, he was “made redundant by a robot” and moved to Falmouth, where he taught at University College Falmouth and inspired many into the world of photography and movies.

Dave had a wicked and irrepressible sense of humour and was still brightening Falmouth with his Lautrec impression right until the end. He is missed by many and remembered fondly by everyone his life touched.

Dave is survived by his father Les and his brother Shaun.