City Grammar 1944 Mr. W. B. Thompson - Leaver

Mr Wm. B. Thompson

Mr William B. Thompson, junior classics master at Sheffield City Grammar School, is shortly going to take up training for overseas relief work with the International Voluntary Service for Peace movement.

He is the first to be sent from this district by the I.V.S.P. and he expects to leave Sheffield soon.

Mr Thompson, who is 29, is a graduate of Manchester University.  His home is in Altrincham, Cheshire, but he has been teaching in Sheffield for the past six years.

Before the war he spent his holidays abroad and has visited most European countries.  This, and his knowledge of European languages, will be a great help in his relief work.

Mr. Thompson has been Hon. Secretary of the Hallamshire Footpaths Preservation Society for the past four years and was chairman of the Youth Hostels Association in Sheffield from 1941 to 1943.  He was also on the National Council and many other Y.H.A. Committees, and he has also been chairman of the Open Air and Physical Recreative Section of Sheffield Youth Council.
A group of about 15 men and women volunteers, including Mr. Thompson, have been using an old stable near Barnsley, which they have converted into a training centre.  Here they have learned methods of communal feeding, camp sanitation, medical aid, etc., as well as studying the religious and cultural background of the peoples among whom they expect to work.