City Grammar 1946 Miss. J. H. Drysdale - Leaver

Miss J. H. Drysdale

Miss Drysdale joined the School shortly after the 1941 blitz.  Because of her subject, the boys and the masters saw less of her than did the girls;  but she, too, allowed herself to be drawn into the "traffic of our stage."  It will be a long time before she and her helpers will forget the clammy, unmanageable lengths of black-out curtain they dyed and fireproofed for the production of "Iolanthe".

Mention must also be made of her work at those farming camps, where she took control of the catering.  Unperturbed by the large numbers she had to feed and the quantities of food they could eat, she stocked up the larder and prepared the menus.  To her uninitiated helpers, who did not know such elementary facts as the number of cups of dried egg required for scrambled egg breakfast for seventy, her advice and help were invaluable.

In spite of the sever restrictions of rationing and difficulties of accommodation, she has carried on at the Cookery Centre and taken some Needlework classes.  We remember the surprise and excitement in School, caused by the sight of the beautifully iced and decorated cakes that were brought across from the Centre at Christmas time.  The scrupulous care and meticulous attention to detail, which she so quietly inculcated in her students, will be followed in many homes of the future, where her girls, busy with needle or pastrybaord, will remember her with gratitude and affection.

We wish her and Mr Shield the best of luck in their new surroundings;  and we issue due warning to the schools of Herefordshire to see that their places are sharp, and their standards high!

B.R.D. & J.M.H.