City Grammar 1946 Mr. George Moulson - Obituary

George Moulson joined the staff of City Grammar School in the Spring of 1941.

It is not the happy fate of every schoolmaster to find himself welcomed at once by his colleagues and his pupils and to be firmly rooted in their affection in so short a period as five years. George Moulson won for himself that welcome and that affection by sterling qualities of character and heart.

Ostentatious in nothing, quiet, modest and unassuming, he was never weary in well-doing. His outstanding qualities were perhaps his patient unfailing thoroughness and his smiling good humour. The former was shown in every aspect of his work, at School as elsewhere. A careful, methodical analysis of the work to be done preceded the painstaking planning of a course in minute detail in a time-table of weekly progress, scrupulously checked and recorded as the term moved forward via the inevitable test to the final examination. In his lessons he was competent and thorough, vigorous and alert.

He was interested in his pupils as boys and girls, and shared with them many of their enthusiasms. He was quick to see their point of view and sympathetically inclined towards their weaknesses. He held before them a high thoughtfulness for others, and courtesy to all. In classroom and staff-room we shall not soon forget his shouting, merry laughter, his sense of fun and his optimistic expectation of the best. He did not care to dwell on the sordid and the squalid and insisted on building hopefully for the best he knew in human nature. Here he was inspired by his religious faith, which no only kept him loyal to the highest ideals of duty and service and made him an example of uprightness and integrity, but also let him to recognize and encourage the best in others. At School we are the better men and women for having known him.

We had always looked on Mr Moulson as a young man, for he preserved an unusual degree of unaffected simplicity and lack of sophistication. He was, obviously too, a life of promise in the sense that we felt that before him lay a fruitful field of labour in which his gifts of patient service to School and Church would find their reward.

George Moulson joined the Staff of this School in the Spring of 1941. He was a Sheffield man, a pupil of Dronfield Grammar School and a graduate in History of the University of Sheffield. He came to us after a breakdown in health. In this School he found friendship and happiness. To Mrs Moulson, whom he married shortly after joining us, the School offers its sympathy. We know something of the devotion with which she shared his gallant struggle against ill-health and in his passing, we hope she may be comforted by knowing that we share her grief, and that, with her, we gratefully remember an upright man, a good friend, and a Christian gentleman.