City Grammar 1947 Mr. Robinson - Leaver

Mr. Robinson

In December, Mr. Robinson left us to take up the post of Senior Science Master at the Hemel Hempstead Grammar School.  He came to Sheffield in the spring of 1944 and into this comparatively short time he has crammed a remarkable amount of activity and he has left his mark on many aspects of School life.  There is no need to remind readers of the Holly Leaf of the hard work he as done as business manager since the critical time when the magazine was revived in particularly difficult circumstances.  He readily accepted the responsibility of arranging the Christmas parties and, in co-operation with Mr. McIver, he undertook the reorganization of the boys' dining arrangements.  When we consider that, at the same time, a thorough reorganisation of the Physics course throughout the School has been undertaken, it is doubly surprising that Mr. Robinson could always find time to help with special socials and other activities.  Old students often express their appreciation of the extremely effective training in Physics which they received under Mr. Robinson.  Zulu-Rivelin will be sorry to lose an enthusiastic Housemaster.  Finally, we are grateful for the way in which his skill as a photographer has been placed at the service of the School and has provided records of many School functions.

From the time of his arrival, Mr. Robinson has expressed himself eloquently in praise of all things (or nearly all) connected with Sheffield and the School.  It began with the policeman whom he met near the station on the day of his arrival.  The School will miss his drive and enthusiasm, and the Staff will miss his subtle humour, but we know his heart is in the London district and we wish him happiness in his new post.

Ralph Hum