City Grammar 1947 Mr. F. J. Smith - Obituary

Mr. F. J. Smith

The School and many of its old students will already be aware of the death, on 28th October last, of Mr. F. J. Smith.  Mr. Smith died in Durham and we in Sheffield knew nothing of the event until almost a week later.  It was thus impossible for any representative of the School to be present at the funeral of one who had won the affection and esteem of Staff and pupils alike.

"Smithy", as he was known to most of the boys and many of the Staff, first came to us in September, 1944, to take charge of the boys' physical education during Mr. Walker's absence.  It was not generally realized that he had then retired from his position as Organizer of P.T. For the West Riding for reasons of ill-health.  No one would have suspected that he had been a very sick man.

He was untiring in his efforts and gave unsparingly of his time and energy, both in and out of school.  He was never happier than in the company of children and even after leaving school last year, could not resist putting in occasional appearances at the field.  As members of the School Cricket XI  will remember, he was still, at the age of 58, the backbone of the Staff side.

His last effort on behalf of the school was the organization of a camp at Bridlington during August of this year.  Many will remember with gratitude the enjoyable days spent there.

To Mr Smith's mother, now a very old lady, the School offers its deepest sympathy.

Derek Walker.