City Grammar 1948 Miss M. Gilham - Leaver

Miss M. Gilham

At the end of the summer term, Miss Gilham, who joined us in 1944, left the School to become Mrs. Robertson.  A person of tremendous energy and vitality, she never spared herself in her work in school, or during the many out-of-school activities with which she was associated.  She had the happy knack of transmitting her own enthusiasm for games to the girls she taught, many of whom no doubt hope to reach the high standard she herself attained last year, when she was awarded her county hockey colours (Yorkshire).  Despite the lack of facilities enjoyed by many other Grammar Schools, Miss Gilham did succeed in improving to a very marked extent the standard of girls' games, and what is probably more important, created an excellent "team spirit".

Pupils and Staff join in wishing her every happiness in her new life in London.

Derek Walker.

                                                                                                                                        Miss Gilham