City Grammar 1948 Mr. P. Benson - Leaver

Mr P. Benson

The whole school will join in congratulating Mr. Benson on his recent appointment as Head Master of Ecclesall Church of England School.

He first came to us as a Sixth Form student, and present pupils will no doubt be surprised that some of his instructors are still groaning and creaking their way about the building.  His experience in teaching covers nearly the whole field of education - primary, secondary, technical and evening schools.  Practically the only type he has missed is the special school, and he has hinted that some forms have done their best to make up for that omission!

He has always taken a keen interest in children, which explains why, after a day at school and an hour or so with his own children, he rests himself by running a very successful youth club.

He is deeply interested in all that has to do with education, and usually left the staff room with a pile of books on school organization, psychology or mental testing.  How he found time, as he certainly did, to study them is a problem that only he can answer.

No damaged watch or clock is safe from his fingers.  Electric irons, broken fountain pens or milliammeters all come alike to him.  A few minutes' work by him and they decide to work themselves.  In fact, his mind has so mechanical a bent that it is almost a warp.

This zest of his for taking a thing that others would discard and making something useful of it accounts perhaps for his one serious failing.  This refers, of course, to his passion for a certain herbal smoking mixture, which is certainly something that others would discard.  One can only hope that in the purer air of Ecclesall the fact will be less obvious.

Finally, while congratulating Mr. Benson on his acquisition of a new school, we congratulate the new school still more on its acquisition of Mr. Benson.  We wish him all happiness in his new post.  Of his success in it we have no doubt whatever.

Cecil A. Cawton.