City Grammar 1949 Miss D. May - Obituary

Miss D. May

Miss Doris May joined the Canteen Staff of this school as Head Cook in January, 1940, after the school had been closed for a term whilst air raid shelters were constructed.  From the start her task was not an easy one.  Before that time, there had been no food rationing, and Food Office returns were unknown.  In spite of many war time restrictions, blackout conditions, and the difficulties of accommodation as the numbers staying for hot dinners increased, Miss May tackled her job with enthusiasm and quiet confidence.  The success of the school meals service in this school owes much to her capacity for hard work and devotion to duty.

She helped, too, on several occasions, with the cooking arrangements of several large farming camps run by the school, and with Christmas parties.

In February, 1949, Miss May suffered a serious breakdown in health, and after long months of suffering borne with great courage and cheerfulness, she died on 28th July.  Mr. And Mrs Northeast and many of her colleagues attended her funeral.  By her death the school has lost a good friend.  We offer our sincerest sympathies to her mother and sister in their great loss.

Muriel Iredale.