City Grammar 1955 Mr. R. H. Davies - Leaver

The Head Master - Mr Davies

It was with great regret that the School said good-bye to Mr. Davies at the end of the Autumn Term.  Although his time in Sheffield has been short, his influence has been widely felt and will continue to be remembered by many.  As an organizer and administrator it would be difficult to find his equal, and when these qualities are allied with an undemonstrative kindness and true wish for the welfare of staff and pupils, the school can count itself fortunate to have been under his direction for even a comparatively short period of its history.  Unfortunately for the City Grammar School, the qualities Mr. Davies has shown have been recognized by others, and his appointment to the Eltham Green School has been the result.  In his new sphere, which offers great opportunities, there lies a challenge.  Large comprehensive schools are new in the life of the country and the eyes of all those interested in education are upon them.  We who know Mr. Davies are certain that the challenge will be met with vigour and determination, and the future of the Eltham Green School will be watched with great pride and interest by all who have known Mr. Davies in Sheffield.