City Grammar 1960 Mrs. Betty McPherson - Leaver

In the autumn, Mrs McPherson (still no doubt remembered by her former pupils as Miss Thorold) left us after a stay of twelve years. We shall miss her not only for what she did, which was a great deal, but for what she was.

In a sense we have lost not one person but three. Her main responsibility had always been the teaching of English; the supervision of games, however, claimed a good deal of her time (and not only her school time) from the beginning, and for a period she took main charge here; latterly she had, together with her husband, done valuable work for the Holly Guild. To all three tasks, and of course to many others in the service of the school she brought characteristic energy, common sense and determination; she also brought a deep interest in the individual boy or girl, and a friendliness that was all the more refreshing for the frankness that came with it. Many of her ex-pupils will remember her intolerance of slackness, and remember it with gratitude; the same high standards were set whether it was a noun clause or a hockey ball that required manipulation; and the small girl who insisted on writing her down as "Miss Thoroughld" was wiser than she knew.

A keen supporter of rambles, socials and most other out-of-school activities, she had perhaps a specially soft spot for the Dramatic Society, and had a finger in the pie of most of the school plays: an ex-Mrs Malaprop herself, she tackled make-up, the arrangement of dances, and any other backstage activity with zest. Her colleagues will miss her forthright comments, her pleasant laugh and her skill in completing Shakespearian quotations. We hope she will provide what consolation she can by calling in frequently to see us.

THEN and NOW photos of Mrs. McPherson