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April 2005 - Induction year 1966.
Dog and Partridge, Trippet Lane, Sheffield.

Photo A - 01 Rob Twigg - 02 Rob Nicholson

Photo B - 01 Rob Nicholson - 02 XXX - 03 Andy Bott - 04 Marie Stead ( nee Bradd

Photo C - 01 Rob Twigg - 02 Rob Nicholson - 03 XXX - 04 Ray Potts

Photo D - 01 Diane Hurst - 02 Rob Nicholson

Photo A - 01 Roy Potts - 02 Marie Stead ( nee Braddock )

This photograph was taken on the 20th July 2004 when five of the class that left
City Grammar in 1953 got together for the first time since leaving school.

We have all got to know each other through your pages and Friends Reunited
and we met at the Courtyard Hotel Rotherham.

I personally could only remember David Greatorex from my school days and,
as I arrived at the hotel, he was walking across the car park and I instantly recognised him.
So much for "old age".

Front row left to right Beryl Hearnshaw (nee Smith) and Sylvia Boyles (nee Woodhouse)

I was visiting Sheffield from Canberra Australia where I now live and Beryl Hearnshaw was
visiting from Hurricane in West Virginia USA where she now lives. The other three in our group
still live in and around the Sheffield area.

David Clarkson

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