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29 October 2011 City Grammar 1970 leaving year.

Venue :- Hillsborough Hotel - Sheffield

Keith (Brookes) and Barry (Keeton) and June (Bhooshi-Bodsworth) and Dave Stockley are organising a school reunion on Saturday 29th October (2011!) at 7pm at the Hillsborough Hotel and we’d love to see you all.

I know we’ll not all be 60 by then, but it’s as good a reason as any to get together.

We’ve booked the upstairs room on the basis of “if you build it they will come”. The beer’s fantastic, they do good food (meat and veggie), there are good cheap hotels within walking distance. If there are enough coming, we can organise a buffet.

More details :-

If you want to come, let Dave or June or Keith or Barry know, so we can organise things. If you need maps, travel, or any other flavour advice, just ask.

If you know anyone else from school, drag them along too.

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