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08 October 2004 City Grammar 1949 intake year.
Venue :- Sheffield

A follow up reunion to the very successful 2002 event for the "Fortyniners" will be held in Sheffield on Friday 8th. October. This event is organised by Jean Keenor (nee Stafford) who can be contacted by E-Mail at...........................

Jean is also organising a three day "swingin' sixties" break at Warners on the Isle of Wight from Friday 15th. to Monday 18th. October inclusive. Anyone from intake years up to and including 1950 who wishes to join the "fortyniners" on the IOW  is invited to contact Jean for details. Click on the lik to see Warners..................... Warners Isle of Wight

School Reunion by Brenda Chatterton (nee Jackson)

We couldn't wait to leave but now we're back.
A thousand years ago - it seems that way
When memories were all of work and play
And strict schoolmasters put us right on track.
Of sports facilities there was a lack,
For games we had to go a long, long way,
P. E. was the Y. W. C. A.
In pairs along Division Street and back.

But once more at Sheffield City Grammar
Before it breaks underneath the hammer
We sing in true spontaneous harmony
That everlasting anthem "Holly Tree".
With so many class mates reunited -
Older now but really...quite delighted.

For photos of the 2002 "fortyniners" reunion - click here !

If you are planning a reunion, large or small, details can be published
here by sending an E-Mail to :-

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