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Megan Croxen

After leaving school I studied at Keele University, finaly graduating in
Economics and geography.  It was there that I met my now husband, Jaspar,
and we were married after graduation and went almost immediately to Hong
Kong where we taught in a Chinese school.  We had out first child, Rebecca,
in Hong Kong and when we left, we joined the British Council to see the
world.  They sent us on many lovely postings, to Thailand,(4 years)(our
second daughter, Rachel was born here); Ghana 3 years) (It's a good job,
there was no food there); Athens (4 years); Beijing (4 years); Namibia (5.5
years) (gorgeous place, do visit if you get the chance; the final posting
was Madras, India (5.5 years).  Jaspar started out in the BC as a English
Language specialist, but moved over to general admin duties later on.  We
enjoyed all our postings, and were nervous of retirement back to the UK
where we are definitely the new boys on the block.  It has taken some time
to settle down, but the grandchilden helped.  We have Emma, 5, Naomi, 3 and
Thomas, 3 months.

I lost my Mum just before Christmas last, but Dad is still battling on,
though a bit housebound and very lonely.
Nice to hear about more of you and your doings.


Megan and Jaspar

Top :-      Becky and Rachel
Below :-  Naomi and Emma

This is the biography of Megan's Husband, DAVID JASPER UTLEY
B.28 October 1941 *m. Megan Croxen 1965, 2 daughters 1967, 1970 (* so from this date we assume that this is also Megan's path through the last 40 years).

BA (Hons) English and Philosophy, Keele University 1965
Dip. Ed., Keel University 1965
Dip. TEFL, London University 1970
MA Applied Linguistics, Reading University 1975
Dip. In Modern Spoken Chinese, Ealing College of Higher Education 1983

1965-1969 Teacher, St Paul's Co-educational College, Hong Kong
1969 Joined The British Council
1970-1974 Asst. English Language 1, British Council, Bangkok, Thailand
1975-1978 Lecturer in ELT Methodology, University of Cape Coast, Ghana
1978-1982 English Language Officer, The British Council, Greece
1984-1987 English Language Officer, The British council, China
1988-1990 Director, English Language Management Dept., London
1990-1995 Director, The British Council, Namibia
1995-2001 Director, The British Council, South India (Madras)

Theatre:  Acted in and directed numerous amateur productions in Hong Kong, Thailand, Greece, China and India.  'Dead Man' and 'Burn' were performed in Madras in 2000.  Two more, 'Trolley Rage' and 'A Little Death' were given rehearsed readings by the Madras Players in 2001.

Writing:  I have written poetry, stories and plays as well as articles on ELT in Hong King, UK, China and Namibia and on the Anglo-French Carnatic Wars in India.  Three books have been published:
'Allsorts and Other Stories' (Gamsberg Macmillan, Namibia)
'Ngoma and Click' (Gamsberg Macmillan, Namibia)
'The Bravest and the Best:  the Rain of Jeans (Macmillan, India)
Another, 'Tall Tales' will be published by Penguin, India in 2003.  A pantomime, 'Ail Baba', was performed by the Little Theatre in Madras in 1999.  Two plays, 'Three Woman and a Dead Man' and 'Burn' were performed in Madras in 2000.  Two more, 'Trolley Rage' and 'A Little Death' were given rehearsed readings by the Madras Players in 2001.

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