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Alan Wall


I attended City Grammar School from September 1967 to November 1972.  Whilst there I played Trumpet in the School Orchestra and recall some of the other members;  Tina Affeck (Clarinet), Steve Topham (Trumpet), David Turner (Trumpet), Chris Beal (Trombone), Neil Benson (Trombone), Katie Walton (Cello), Helen Bellamy (she played piano and Oboe or Flute (I think)).  I was also a member of the Phoenix Boys Choir run by Mr Peter Harrison, who I remember was a terrific organist.  Other members of the Choir that I remember were:  Mark Woodhead (Maggot), Paul Copley and Chris Beel.  Fellow school friends included Peter Hemmingfield, Dougie Topham, John Heathcote, Trevor Trueman, Trev Wilson, Trev Sears, Keith Webster, David Mills, Hazel Carter, Jeanette Burns, Janet Bickerstaffe and Lucia Scalisi.

I used to travel from Wincobank to Stradbroke every day on 2 Busses - the Circular from Brightside to Beaumont Road and the No 93 from Beaumont Road to Stradbroke.  It was hellish in Winter.

After leaving School I joined the Royal Navy in March 1973.  I visited places all round the world in several submarines and went to war in the Falklands in 1982.  I left the Navy in 1996 (pensioned off) having served my last 3 years living in Gibraltar.  This was, probably, the best three years of my entire Service - lots of sun and golf.

6 Months later I joined the RAF for 6 years working at RAF St Mawgan in Cornwall (about 7 miles from Newquay), bought a house nearby and have settled here in the sunny South West.  When I left the RAF I managed to get a job working at RAF St Mawgan as a Civil Servant.  It seems like I can't get away from working with the Armed Forces.

I got married in 1981 to Eddy (Edna) who had 2 sons from a previous marriage.  We moved to Plymouth, Devon and lived there for 17 years (with the exception of 3 years in Gibraltar).  I now have 4 Grandchildren (two boys who live in North Yorkshire and two girls who live in Plymouth) of which I am very proud.

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