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John Cartwright

Still live in Sheffield (Beauchief), married 26 years, 2 children, one of each, both at University, the eldest is doing his PhD in glueing aircraft together!! at Loughborough and my daughter is now at Sheffield doing a PGCE.

I am currently the Finance Director at Halls Body Repair Centre on Bramall Lane soon to be moving to a new site in Rotherham, so you all know where to come when you've had an accident.
I've worked for Thos.W Wards, Thorntons (chocolates mmmm!!)and Barlow Shopfitters on London Road.

My ambition is to retire, I've had enough of working but I can't see it happening for a few more years.

I've finished re-building my Mini but I only drive it about once a fortnight as I don't get the free time and I won't take it out if its wet!

I used to knock around with Dave Curtis and Bill Richardson at school but apart from the reunion at the Stag a few years ago I've not come across anyone from the school except Ann Barton at an Insurance Brokers on Spital Hill about 20 years ago and Ray Housley who knew my sister.

I don't get out much and my wife thinks that I'm a miserable sod and if I ever went on 'Who wants to be a Millionaire' I've have difficulty finding someone to be my phone a friend.
28/10/2002 18:52:55

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