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Roy Cutts

Left City Grammar 1965.

Studied Banking and Accountancy (temporary insanity - no other explanation).

Passed Banking and Accountancy (Dad had to resign from the Communist Party in shame).

Worked in Sheffield and Cardiff (bored out of my brain).

Rescued from Accountancy by new fangled Computer Programming.

Left UK for Australia in 1972 (round the World for ten quid).

Took up flying (too many Biggles books).

Got married in Dublin 1974 (mad Irish girl - Maria)

Gave up flying in favour of a mortgage (insanity revisited).

Worked in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Papua New Guinea, Fiji and New Caledonia on pathology, accounting (there's that insanity again), petroleum distribution, real estate, banking (sorry Dad), cryptograph and production control systems.

Son (Eric) born in 1981 (Absolute magic).

Currently designing computer systems in Melbourne. Living and stargazing from the top of the Dandenongs in Menzies Creek.

12/02/2002 13:33:25

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