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Roy Hattersley

Roy Hattersley - former deputy Labour leader

Roy Hattersley was made a Life peer after quitting the House of Commons in 1997. He was once held to be the leader of Labour's rightwing but in the Lords voted with leftwingers against the government.
He is a trenchant critic of Tony Blair: "New Labour is recklessly willing to sacrifice all claim to intellectual consistency in the pursuit of power." Educated at Sheffield City Grammar school and Hull University, he became a Sheffield City councillor at the age of 24 and was elected MP for Birmingham Sparkbrook in 1964. He went on to gain extensive ministerial experience in defence, education, science, and foreign affairs. In opposition he spoke on the environment, home affairs and the economy.
He became deputy leader after Neil Kinnock beat him in the 1983 leadership contest, and stood down with Kinnock following the 1992 election defeat. He voices his dissent in his regular Guardian column and has published several books including novels, memoirs, and political essays.
He is a fierce critic of grammar schools for contributing to inequality and the Social Exclusion Unit for doing nothing to help the poor.

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