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David Rayner


My name is David Rayner, and I was at CGS from 63 to 70,  I would love to contact my old school friends after all this time.  I have attached a recent shot of me and my bike.  After all the thing I will be remembered for most was riding a motorcycle to school and as you can see I will probably never grow up (at least I hope not).  Amongst my closest friends were Barry Keeton, Keith Brooks and Douglas Scrimshaw.

I wandered around the country a bit after leaving school and lost contact with most of the people I went to school with.  I returned from Australia last year after 12 years away, and am currently living in Cheadle, near Manchester airport.

I had a few jobs after leaving school got married and had a couple of kids. Lost my job and got divorced during miners strike, there were no jobs about so I took an honours degree in computer studies at Sheffield Poly. Learnt a lot about real ale and surprisingly got a 2nd.

Landed a job with BT in Leeds, married again and had a few more kids. I then went contracting for a while (14 years) 2 years here, then in Australia, earned heaps of money and spent all of it; well thats what its for ).

After 12 years in Australia got divorced again and returned to UK last year with a new partner, ( I know, I will never learn ) am now living in Cheadle and have a full time job with EDS as an information analyst - very boring - but I have to eat.

I've always got my motorbike! Yes I am still riding, and contrary to popular belief have not killed myself yet. I would love to hear from old school friends, the ones who dont take life too serious - its too short for that. My current plan is to go where life takes me and to grow old disgracefully, although I will probably return to Australia in a few years.

Well thats enough about me - write and let us know how your going - and where we can have a beer. preferably somewhere with real ale.
03/01/2003 00:27:17

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