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Ken Rose

Left CGS in '57 and moved up to the university at Western Bank. Stayed
there until '63 when I left with a PhD in Physics. I joined the Road
research Laboratory and worked on the experiments on those
mini-roundabouts that you now have all over the place. I also worked on
the early studies of computer control of traffic signals.

Emigrated to Canada in '68. Since '71 I have been on the Faculty of Queen's
University in Kingston Ontario. I retired as an Emeritus Professor of
Civil Engineering in 2003. Over the years I have been able to do work
for the UN Development Program in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and
Indonesia. I also spent 2 years in Australia where I learned the
pleasures of Aussie wine.

Widowed in '93, I remarried in '98. We now have a blended family of five
children and currently 5 grand children. For a kid from the Manor, I realise
that I owe a lot to the dedicated teachers at CGS.

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