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Pete Whitham

Still living in Sheffield area (Kiveton Park) and working near Meadowhall about a quarter of a mile from where I was born on the banks of the river Don, not literally!

Married Anne Barton, also former pupil, in 1968, 3 children, one of each. All of whom have flown the nest, including the ex wife. Is anyone still married to an original partner, except Diane Goodison? (and Pat Mottram, sorry for the oversight Pat). Surely not!

Currently working in IT for a Software Company providing Financial Systems to the Banking sector. I would ask that any of our contemporaries who are retired would keep it quiet. It is pretty distressing to think that you are going to have to soldier on till sixty five when someone else has the next 10 years playing golf and generally lazing about (no offence Mr Wild - see notes).

Enjoy cycling to work to keep fit which means that in the evening I'm so tired I have no need for a social life and go to bed about 9:30, after watching a couple of hours of Kerrang(Life is Loud) on Sky, and walking Steve, my furry companion. Steve's a dog by the way.

At school and after I was mates with Mick Ball and Ray Housley. I had the very great honour to be the latter's and the former's Best Man. Managed to forget the ring at Ray's wedding and Aileen had to get married in her Mum's. Not too popular for that! Anyway both happily divorced now so I'm probably forgiven. Also mates with Steve Hodkinson and have not seen him since the mid 60s but thanks to Barry Muir via Friends Reunited I have an address and will now be able to get in touch.

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