City Grammar School - The Holly Guild 1944

The Holly Leaf was not published between 1943 and 1945
During this period hand printed notes were produced by Miss F. E. Foster

September 1944
Amici Omnes

Dear Old Student,

May I begin my  Newsletter by begging you, if possible, to be present at the Annual Meeting of the Holly Guild in School on Friday September 29th.  at 7 p.m.  There is so very much that we can tell you.  The Reunion dance on January 6th. was a very happy affair.  On September 29th. we want your suggestions for THE Reunion.  The boys overseas are inquiring if our plans for it are ready.

Christmas Greetings reached us from T. Frederick Meehan (india), Ronald Mitchell (B.N.A.F), Jack Bowles (Sicily), Ken England (Canada).

Letters from:-  Frank Vernon (Arizona), F. Mitchell (B.N.A.F.), Jack Revill (West Africa), J. E. ( Ted ) Jacques (Italy), J. H. Horn (India), T. Frederick Meehan (India),  Geoffrey March (Scotland), George Rushby (Canada), T. Leslie Seaton (Palestine)

Air Mails from :-  A. Smith (E. Africa), K. Geoffrey March (Ceylon), George W. Ford (Palestine), J. F. Wilson (Mediterranean), Jack Ellis (Mediterranean), Harry Nutting (Egypt).

Airgraphs from:-  P. Smith (Ontario), Norman Saville (U.S.A.), Harry Smith (New-Brunswick), Raymond F. Dickins (S. Africa), Jack Bowles (Sicily), D. Bowen (Assam), Ken England (India), Roy Cutts (India), William Fletcher (Ontario), Geoffrey Dalton (West Africa), T. D. Smith (Italy), Mrs. Cafferoy (nee Olive Windle) Brisbane, Captain E. H. Shield (Egypt), Major B. R. Dyson (India),

In addition to the foregoing many other most interesting letters have reached us from camps all over England.  School has become a "clearing house" for news.  Members of the Staff are proud to chat to old students and as for the present students - well do you remember how you loved a lesson to be interupted?  But to be serious:- our boys and girls help us in so many ways with Holly Guild business that we feel it is fitting for them to meet our visitors too.
Space will permit the mention of "Special" visits:-  Ronald Jeavons after many wanderings in many lands:  Albert Hobson (+ beard) told Form 6 upper "How science is helping to win the war", Edward ( Teddy ) Widdowson after 4 years in India:  Lionel White and Norman Saville, each back from Russia, William G. Fletcher from New Zealand, James Norbron "after things had happened to his boat", Douglas Bach from South Africa, Jack Revill (+ beard) from West Africa, Ron Woodfield, Ken England, Eric Atkinson, Harry Smith, Ray Hamley, Alan Coleman, and Peter Hoyland at different times and last, but by no means least, Eric Robinson, after Kuala Lumpar, Ceylon etc.

Congratulatory messages have gone to each of the following:-

Acting Squadron-Leader Henry James King, D.F.M ... Received D.F.C. for "outstanding courage and determination of the highest order".
Private Alan Smith ... mentioned in despatches
Leading Seaman Denis Lockett ... mentioned in despatches "for devotion to duty".
Flying Officer Edward Lawrence Wheelwright ... awarded D.F.C. For "completing an outstanding tour of operational duty as navigator".  Sergeant James Tomlinson ... Awarded D.F.M "much of the success achieved on attacks in which he took part has been due to him".

Additional names of Students serving in His Majesty's forces

Alan A. Bedford R.A.F.
Mabel Collins A.T.S.
Horace Charlesworth R.A.F
Peggy Golsthorpe A.T.S.
Sydney Coats R.N.
Joan  Housely W.R.N.S
Eric Copley R.N.
Elsie Houston W.R.N.S.
Charles Corbridge R.A.F.
Dorothy Harrison W.R.N.S.
Alan Day R.N.
Joan Hudson A.T.S.
John Fieldsend R.N.
Mavis Kenyon W.A.A.F.
Ronald Garner R.N.
Alice Lee A.T.S.
Stephen Knowles R.A.F.
Margaret Pownall W.L.A.
Eric Lean R.A.F.
Mabel Revill F.A.A.
John B. Melville R.N.
Marjorie Stringward W.L.A.
George Rushby R.A.F.
Barbara Settle W.L.A.
Roy Ryalls R.N.
Margaret Sherwood W.A.A.F.
Desmond Shillito
Eleanor Storey A.T.S.
Tom Taylor R.N.
Margaret Veitch A.T.S.
Leslie Willing R.A.F.
Megan Williams W.R.A.A.F.
Anthony Wright R.N.
Dorothy Windle N.A.A.F.I.

Loo Jung got a Major Maths Scholarship from his school in York to St John's Cambridge.
Mabel Parkin is Vice Head Girl at Loughborough High School.
Margaret  ?  Address now Teawani Training Institution, PO Box 59, Plumtrea, S Rhodesia.
The Rev. Fred Bennett is Chaplain this year to the Lord Mayor of Hull.
The Rev. George Edward Saville was priested in September 1943.
Agnes Harrison of the 568 Detachment is Sheffield's youngest Red Cross Commandant.
Ellen Lindley is doing a useful work in connection with the Sheffield Association of Girls' Clubs.
Isabel Lidingham has been appointed Food Supervisor at Sheffield Royal Infirmary.
George Clark has been successful in gaining his B.Sc., at Manchester University and has passed the qualifying examination of the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain.
Phyllis Roberts has twice been in charge of evacuees from Southern England to neighbourhoods free from Flying Bombs.
James Arthur Grainger has obtained his B. Engineering (with Honours).
Margaret Ellis has obtained a 1st. Class Honours degree in Geography.
Josie Harrison is Assistant Stage Manager to the Court Players.
Phyllis Mellor has gained her L.R.A.M. (pianoforte).
Sam Thorpe Sheffield United Footballers and cricketer played for the R.A.F. In all the rounds of the Inter-Services Cup last season.

News has been brought us of good work being done in schools many thousands of miles apart.
Edith Webster in Kenya and Ruth Goodwin in Shropshire.
Frederick Meehan has produced "Dangerous Corner" in a Maharajah's Palace!
The School Dramatic Society has given play readings of "The Rivals", "The Knight of the Burning ?"  The Staff read Acts first and last of "Lady Precious Stream" and Form 1 acted "the Deluge" but ... all in the School Hall!


Bottomley - On February 9th. to Mr. & Mrs. Bottomley (nee Hettie Hibbert), a son.
North - On March 5th. Mr. & Mrs. North (nee Ann Benstead) a son
Dixon - On October 26th. to Doreen (nee Gilbert) wife of Sgt. W.W. Dixon, a daughter
Cassy - On October 29th. to Joan (nee Darling) and Frank, a son.
Ekin - November 8th. to Denise (nee Mort) and Alan, a daughter.
Wood - In November to Alice (nee Mason) and Rev. T. J. Wood of Uzuakoli, Nigeria, B.W.A. a son.

Dennis - On January 16th. to Milly (nee Silvester) and Roy, a son.
Bailey - On January 31st. to Mary (nee Lovett) and Jack, a daughter.
Forsdike - On March 5th. to Iris (nee Topham) wife of Geoffrey Forsdike (R.A.F.) a son.
Brown - On March 15th. to Dinah (nee Hanson) and Dick, a son.
Gordon - On April 17th. to Nell (nee Bonsall) and Patick J Gordon, a son.
Lomas - On April 23rd. to Joan (nee Hall) and David, a daughter.
Mann - On June 25th. to Mr. & Mrs. Mann (nee Kathleen Slaniforth), a son.
Hague - On July 15th. Emma and Melville John Hague R.N. a daughter.
Walker - On July 30th. Mr. & Mrs. Walker (nee Evelyn Hall), a daughter.


Scott - Hewitt  January 1st. Gordon Scott to Ruth Hewitt
Johnson - Collier March 6th, Stanley Johnson to Kathleen Collier
Hubbard - Thompson July 31st. Ernest Hubbard to Mayene Thompson
Atkins - Sherwood August 5th. Dennis Atkins to Margaret Sherwood
Redfarn - Hughes September 11th. Thomas Edward Redfarn to Nettie Hughes
Tosson - Boughey  October 2nd. F/O Norman Tosson to Hilda Marjorie Boughey
Frith - Turton Basil Raymond Firth R.A.F. to Margaret Elizabeth Turton.
Mann - Stanniforth October 4th. Harley Ronald Mann to Kathleen Doris Staniforth
Bullock - Cobley October 16th. John A Bullock to Dorothy Cobley
Jeavons - Fielding November 5th. Ronald Jeavons (R.A.F.) To Edith Elma Fielding

Mitchell - Harrison February 12th. Ernest Mitchell to Rosa Harrison
Brown - Dodgson February 12th. Alfred C Brown L/Cpl C.M. Police  to Joyce M Dodgson   L/Cpl A.T.S.
King - Gascoigne February 15th. Squadron-Leader Henry J. King D.F.C, D.F.M. to   Dorothy Gascoigne.
Wright - Bowen March 11th. Hubert (Pat) Wright to Muriel Louise Bowen.
Page - Ford March 12th. Henry Ignatius Page to Joan Violet Ford
Sharpe - Healey March 12th. Jack Sharpe to Edna Rebecca (Betty) Healey
Prince - McKennan April 5th. Ronald Prince to Norrine Brenda McKennan
Crelling - Hull May 2nd. Thomas Crelling to Rita Alwyn Hull
Widdowson - Wing June 24th. Edward Widdowson to Beatrice Wing
Deakin - Ryding June 24th. Robert Graham Deakin to Ruth Hilary Ryding
Jones - Cox July 1st. Desmond Jones to Audrey Cox
Lockett - Field July 26th. Denis Lockett (R.N.) to Ivy Field
Hall - King July 29th. Conrad Hall to Irene King
Cornish - Turner August 5th. at Cathedral of the Highlands Nairobi   A.S.M. Arthur J Cornish R.E.N.E. to L/Cpl Mary Turner A.T.
Morrell - Wigfall August 9th. Frank C. B. Morrell (Lieut R.N.V.R.) To Audrey J Wigfall


Sgt-Observer Harry Richardson - Previously reported missing now officially presumed killed, March '43.
P/O Dennis Max Weddell R.A.F.V.R. -  Believed to have lost his life in air operations in July '43.
Lieut. Bernard G. W. Clinton R.N.V.R. - Lost at sea Jan '44.
Sergt. Joseph Hardy R.A.F. - Burried at Dalfsen, Holland.
Lieut. Jack Bowles R.A. - Died in a military hospital June 15 '44
Lieut Bamford  Inman - Died in Burma, June 1944

By letters, flowers or visits we have tried to express your understanding sympathy with their relations.  A memorial Service was held for Bernard Clinton at Dore Church and you were represented by Misses Hutchinson,  Laycock   and Whitehurst.  Dennis Scorah  (Head Boy) and I were at the funeral of Jack Bowles at Shiregreen. Alan Coleman, Ray Hamley, Mrs. Ellis (representing Jack), Mrs Grainger (for Jim) Mrs. Kelsey (for Bob), Mr & Mrs. Dodds, Mr & Mrs. Pulford were among those present at the service at St. Christopher's, Shiregreen.


This account must perforce be curtailed but rest assured we are "holding the fort".  In "Salute the Soldier" week our total was over £3,185 and a School Effort for the Y.W.C.A. War Time Appeal totalled £33.20.  Mr Taylor has made a tour of Northern Command with an Ensa party during the Midsummer Holidays.  Among the many Staff changes  Mr. Sheldrake left us at Easter for a London post and at the same time Mr. Thompson  Jnr.  left to do overseas relief work with the I.V.S.P. Movement.  Their posts have been filled by Mr. Robinson and Mr. Beale respectively, both of whom we are very happy to have with us.

Congratulatory Messages have been sent on your  behalf to:-

Mr. & Mrs. Cawton on the birth of their 2nd. daughter, Elizabeth Constance.
Mr. & Mrs. King on the birth of their son, Brian Christopher (February 26th.)
Mr. & Mrs. Redden on the birth of their son William Andrew (April 4th.)
Mr. & Mrs. Booker on the birth of their son John Roger (May 29th.)
Mr. & Mrs. Duffett (nee Butterworth) on the birth of their daughter (June 24th.)

In July 1943, 80 out of 87 students passed School Certificate and 13 out of 17 entries for Higher S.C. were successful.
15 students started training for the teaching profession, 3 are taking Engineering Courses at Sheffield University.  Farming Camps were pioneered in the summer of 1943 by Miss Dixon and a friend and Mr. Thomson Senior and some 70 students  who made Hanthorpe Hall their headquarters.

In June 1944 various members of the Staff took 140 students, Mr. Ham being chief organiser.

Affectionate greetings to all of you.

F. E. Foster
(Hon. Sec.)

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