City Grammar School - The Holly Guild 1945

The Holly Leaf was not published between 1943 and 1945
During this period hand printed notes were produced by Miss F. E. Foster

AMICI OMNES September 1945

Dear Old Student,

What lovelier beginning could my 4th. News Letter have that this:- the actual fighting is over.

Do your best to be at the first Peace-Time Reunion Dance at Greystones Picture Palace Ballroom on Thursday, October 4th. at 7 p.m.
Tickets (1/6) to be obtained from me at School.

Christmas messages, Airgraphs, Air and Surface Mail have been received from:-

Mr. Thompson Jnr. (Egypt, Palestine, Italy), Mrs. Urquhart (B.W.I.), Ken England (Secunderabad & Assam), Raymond Dickins (Rhodesia), Geoffrey Dalton (India), Harry Smith (India), Alan Coleman (India), Roy Cutts (S.E.A.A.F), George Ford (Greece), Ted Jacques (Italy), Capt. E. H. Shield (Palestine & Egypt), John Horn (India), George Baxter (Northumberland), Arthur Raper (B.L.A.), Peter Tingle (Italy), Ronald Mitchell (C.M.F.), Pastor Fred Bennett (Lancashire), Edward Widdowson (South Wales), Norman Saville (Ceylon), T. Leslie Seaton (Jerusalem), K. Geoffrey March (Ceylon), Francis D. Smith (Italy), Bob Kelsey (Accra), T. Frederick Meehan (India & Burmah), Harry Nutting (Egypt), Frank Jenkinson (B.L.A.), William Cavanagh (S.E.A.C), Fred Dean (Germany), Alan Smith (Indian Ocean), Gordon Harker (Venice), Winnie Sprakos (Bucks), Donald Fernley (Lincs), Bernard Atkinson (Bucks), Loo Jung (S. John's Cambridge), Alan Day (S. Africa), Peter Booler (B.L.A.), Brian Carr (Belgium), Dick Shepherd (Bruges), Arthur Simmonds (HMS Raleigh), Trevor Robinson (Derby), Reenie Edy (nee Battye - Liverpool), Winston Harley (Italy), Jim Wigfield (Norway), Eric Copley (Glasgow), Ray Hamley (B.L.A.).

It has not yet been possible to print extracts from the many beautifully descriptive letters received during the War years but they are in safe keeping "and there will come a time".

Seldom a day passes without someone "on leave" coming in to see us.  The following have all been abroad.  The name in bracket indicates from whence they returned for leave:-  Jack Ellis (Mediterranean), Donald Fernloy (Czechoslovakia), Peter Tingle (Italy), Geoffrey Dalton (India), Harry Hyde (Macclesfield), Rolf Skinner (over the Rhine), Peter Booler (over the Rhine), Ray Dickins (Rhodesia), Eric Atkinson (Sweden), Frank Vernon (Arizona), Harry Bowen (After 4½ years Middle East) Hugh Cotton (Parachute Regiment).

It was with hearts full of thankfulness that we welcomed back four of our known Prisoners of War. . . .Fred Dean (Crashed near Dusseldorf), Jack Ledger (taken at Tobruk), Harold Hartley (taken at Arnhem), Ronald Gratton (taken in Greece).

We were proud too to have a visit from Captain Charles Frederick Taylor and despite his reticence, to guess at what he achieved as a Sapper officer (artillery) at Arnhem.

Congratulatory messages have been sent to each of the following and their names added to the AWARDS LIST which hangs framed on the Top Corridor outside the Headmaster's Room:-

Staff Captain (Now Major) William Cavanagh received the MBE for his work in organising supplies before the D. Day assault.

Sergeant-Telegraphist Tom J. Bedford, R.A.F. Has been "mentioned in despatches" while serving in Italy.

Sergeant Bernard C. Atkinson, Royal Signals, believed to be the only Sheffield soldier to serve in Russia has been awarded the BEM for his work as a Signallor in Moscow.

Further names of Old Students in His Majesty's Forces to reach us:-

Reginald Alborough (R.N.)
Harry King (R.N.)
Henry Bestall (Army)
Eric Price (R.A.C.)
Gordon Bradley (R.S.)
Clifford Robinson (Y.&L.)
Dennis Cammidge (R.A.M.C.)
Tom Shutt (R.N.)
Dennis Garlick (R.N.)
Arthur Simmonds (R.N.)
Eric Gilbert (Glider Regiment)
Derrick Wood (O.T.U.)
Gerald Goss (R.A.A.)
Eric Worthington (Intelligence Corps)
Billy Hawley (R.A.F.)
Geoffrey Wilson (R.A.F.)
Royd Johnson (R.N.)
Maurice (Bill) Wright (R.A.)
Mary Barson (A.T.S.)
Joan Foster (A.T.S.)
Betty Green (W.R.N.S.)
Hazel Little (A.T.S.)
Joan Miles (nee Wilson) A.T.S.
Ena Roberts (W.R.N.S.)
Betty Thornhill (A.T.S.)
Joan Warsop (W.A.A.F.)

Sergeant  Eric  Shipley  has been awarded "wings" after training in Canada.

Grace E. Hammond - Headmistress of Fox Hill Junior Dept. Has been appointed woman education officer of Sierra Leone.  Her work will consist mainly of organising the education of infants and training new young teachers.

Warrant Officer Frank Jenkinson, A.E.C. helped to produce the 3rd British Infantry Division's news sheet, the first BLA issue of which was brought out on the Normandy beach-head on D plus 2 day.  Corporal Peggy Gelsthorpe is serving with the A.T.S. in East Africa.

The girls of the Nether Green Council School Junior Netball Team were the victors in the final of The Sheffield School Athletic Association Junior Netball Competition.  They were coached by Kathleen M. Pitchford.

Extract from The Star "It will be interesting to see how Sam Thorpe at right half for United, at Mansfield - his first game for them, although he has been so anxious to play for United at football as well as cricket, Thorpe, to-day would have been on either Arsenal's or Liverpool's books.....He played extremely well apparently in the R.A.F. Inter-Allied Cup games last season when Tom Whittaker, Arsenal trainer, was in charge of the team."  Tom expressed a very high opinion about Thorpe's play.

Thanks to the kindness of her mother, we had recent news of Mrs. C. R. Cowley (nee Ina Bennett) and her eight year old daughter, Elspeth.  Their home is in South Africa.

Fred Dean whilst in Stalag 344 was cited as an outstanding Rugby player and received a special sports medal granted by the Prisoner's Aid of the Y.M.C.A. in Geneva.

Ivor Harley R.A.F. is near Aden.
George Wells R.A.F. is near Aden.
Elsie Houston, W.R.N.S. stationed in Malta spent a leave in Taormina, Sicily.
Red Cross Commandant Agnes Harrison has now seven bars to her medal.
Margaret Fillingham has heared from her pen friend, Odette Baranger of Soissons after a lapse of four years due to the War.
Lt. Col. Stanton, R.A.O.C. is in charge of a Vehicle Coy. (S.E.A.C.)
Capt. Stanley Openshaw, C.M.F. has become a member of the Education Sub-Commission of Allied Military Government.
Percival Richard Birks (late Coldstream Guards) is Manager at Willorby's, Wolverhampton.
Margaret Vaughan is busily engaged in the Research Maps Office of the Ministry of Town and Country Planning, Edinburgh.
Kenneth Oram is in Scotland with the Ministry of Aircraft.
Jossie Harrison is acting in London.
Derek Rowland, discharged from the Army on medical grounds is back at Sheffield Training College.
Herman Wosskow has been successful in gaining his Inter-Pharmacy at Rotherham Technical College.
Ruth Goodwin has been appointed in connection with the one year training Scheme for teachers from the Forces.  She is to take Method and begins this month in Coventry.
Enid Goldstone is a reporter.
Geoffrey Brooks gave an interesting talk to the Geographical Society about work in a coal mine and arranged for a party of Staff and Students


Mainwaring - On September 21st. to Phyllis (nee Sanderson) and Bill, B.L.A. - son
Kierman - On October 11th. to Barbara (nee Sykes) and 2/Lt. A. C. Kierman, (Parachute Regt), a daughter.
Breen  - On Octtober 11th. to Sgt. T. & Mrs. Breen, a son.
Snell  -  On November 20th. to Marion (nee Meredith) and Roy, a daughter.
Bell  -  On December 28th. to Barbara (nee Tyson) and Stuart, a son.
Porter  -  On January 26th. to Mr. & Mrs. T. Porter, (nee Dorothy Clark) - a daughter.
Prince  -  On February 14th. to Norrine Brenda (nee McKennan) & Ronald - a son.
North  -  On February 18th. to Mr. & Mrs. B. North (nee Ann Benstead) a son.
Lee  -  On April 1st. to Joan (nee Roebuck) and Alan, R.N. - a daughter.
Hood  -  On May 16th. to Kathleen (nee Hillings) and Stanley R.A.F. - a son.
Wright  -  On June 5th. to Muriel (nee Bowen) and Hubert (Pat) missing Nov. 1944 - a daughter.
Bullock - On June 9th. to Dorothy (nee Cobley) and J. A. Bullock, R.A.F. a son
Twelves - On June 9th. to Margaret (nee Lee) & H. A. Twelves - a son.
Goacher - On June 15th. to Kathleen (nee Croft) & J. W. Goacher - a daughter.


Bedford - Sylvester.  On June 17th., Thomas J. Bedford, R.A.F. To Lilian Sylvester.
Beatson - Ellis.  On July 29th., Clifford Beatson to Eileen Ellis.
Jefferson - Meldrum.  On September 23rd., Alan P. Jefferson to Alice T. Meldrum.
Saville - Middleton. On October 19th., Rev. G. E. Saville to Joan Middleton.
Edy - Battye. On October 24th., F/O G. A. Edy, D.F.M. R.A.F.V.R. To Reenie, W.R.N.S.
Mitchell - Edley.  On October 30th., Douglas Mitchell (S.Sgt.) To Joan Edley.
Sattin - Ellison.  On November 4th., Geoffrey T. Sattin to Dorothy Ellison.
Wright - Skinner, On November 11th., Edward Foster Wright to Brenda Skinner.
Ford - Bennett.  On December 16th., James Ford to Dorothy Bennett.
Maxey - Harford. On December 30th., Richard Maxey (Cpl.R.A.F.) To Joan Harford.

Campbell - Taylor.  On January 10th., Major J. W. Campbell to Margaret Taylor.
Breese - Ashby.  On January 13th., Charles H. Breese to Margaret Ashby.
Smith - Foulston.  On February 5th., Philip H Smith, R.N. to Amy Foulston.
Bruce - Clark.  On February 14th., Norman Bruce to Irene Clark.
Andrew - Baggaley. On February 27th., F/O Donald Andrew to Kathleen Baggaley.
Wheeler - Atherton.  On March 17th., Lieut. H. L. H. Wheeler to Margaret Atherton.
Baker - Hocknall. On March 26th., Renee (Sgt. A.R.S.) To Sgt. E. Baker, B.L.A.
Macartney - Little.  On March 24th.,  D. B. Macartney to Hazel V. Little.
Marsden - Gilvray.  On March 28th., George Marsden (Cam.) to Kath. Gilvray.
Machin - Jones.  On March 31st., Vincent Machin to Mona Jones.
Staniland - Windle.  On March 31st., Frank Staniland, R.A.F. to D. Windle.
Broadhead - Pierpoint.  On April 10th., Douglas Broadhead to J. Pierpoint.
Southworth - Morrison. On April 10th., Rev. F. G. Southworth to Ruby Coldwell Morrison.
Baxter - Baker. On April 14th., Lieut. Gordon Baxter to Esme Baker.
Ellis - Davies. On April 19th., Jack Ellis to Betty Davies.
Bulloy - Smedley. On April 20th., S/Sgt. B. Bulloy to Joanne Smedley.
Roll - Mirfin.  On May 7th., Charles S. Bell, R.A..F. to Nora Mirfin.
Raper - Wright. On May 14th., Lieut A. Raper, R.A. B.A.L.A. to M. E. Wright.
Cudzich - Critchely.  On May 16th., F/O Jozef Cudzich of Sakepane, to Betty Critchley.
Hackett - Willis.  On May 22nd., Sub. Lieut. J. J. Hackett to E. C. Willis.
Wright - Burn.  In May, Pte. T. Wright (for 4 years a P.O.W. in Austria) to Ivy Burn.
Rawson - Hanson.  On June 9th., Donald Rawson to Edith Hanson.
Hill - Chippendale. On June 17th., Fred Hill to Elsie Chippendale.
Thompson - Davies. In June, Wilfred Thomson to Elsie Davies.
Sumners - Skinner.  On July 21st., E. L. Sumners, R.A. to Joan Skinner, W.A.F.
Fletcher - Jowett.  On August 1st., F/O William Fletcher to Elizabeth Jowett.
Ramsden - Burrell.  On August 4th., Frank Ramsden to Vera Burrell.
Parsley - Baker.  On August 11th., Charles L. Parsley to Joyce Baker.
Whoolwright - McGregor.  On August 17th., S/L Edward L. Whoolwright, D.F.C.  to Wendy McGregor, A.T.S.


Stainrod.  On November 17th. 1944, Georgina E Stainrod (nee Parsons).
Watts.  On November 19th, Jack Watts (Late of Sheffield Training College).
Bolk (nee Wilson). On June 23rd. 1945, Doreen Frances (Dinah) W.A.A.F.


L. A. C. Allan Dawson - Died in India, September 1944.
L/Cpl. W. Clifford Stork, Royal Norfolk Regiment - Killed in action in N.W. Europe, October 1944.
S/lt. George H. Ambler, R.N.V.R. (F.A.A.) - Killed in a flying accident, July 29th, 1945.
Messages of sympathy from the Holly Guild have been conveyed to their nearest and dearest by letter, a personal visit, or floral tribute.


Chapman - On February 11th. to Florence (nee Wilkinson), wife of Eric. W. Chapman, a son.
Urquhart - On March 12th. 1945 at St. Lucia, B.W.I. to Christina (Nee Howson) and Roderick M. Urquhart, a daughter (Mhoire).
Hill - to Mr. & Mrs Hill (nee Malin), a daughter (Carol).


On August 18th., Ernest William Wiggens to Edith Muriel Hibberd.


Miss M. Whittaker (From Putney), Messrs L. C. Dudley (Crich), F. Sheldrake (Ealing), W. Rodden (Loughbro'), D. Walker (India), E. H. Shield (Middle East), B. R. Dyson (Burmah).


Miss Whitehurst retired at Easter after 40 years' service in Sheffield Schools.
Mr. Cawton returned to us in March 1945.
Mr. Rodden is now in charge f the Maths at Loughboro' Grammar School.
Mr. Neale (Geog) is now in Gloucester and his place with us has been taken by Mr. McIver.
Miss Cole's brother, Captain Hubert Cole, has been awarded the M.C.

On August 21st, the death occurred of our dear Mr. John Head.
Flowers were sent from the Staff , Students and the Holly Guild.
Misses Paddison, Taylor, Mitchell and Iredale were present at this service in S. Andrews Church on August 24th, and Messrs Dudley, Davies, Callister, Goodfellow, Taylor, Thompson, Sheldrake, Mr. & Mrs. Waite and Miss Foster at the Interment at Ecclesall.

I am very conscious that many items of interest have had to be omitted.  We must find some other means of conveying them to you.

Affectionate greetings to all of you wherever you are when reading this.

F. E. Foster,

(Hon. Sec.)
September 1944
Amici Omnes

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