LEAVER The Holly Leaf (March 55)

Mr Alan W. Goodfellow M.A. - Left for a second time on July 23rd. 1954

The long intervals between the issues of this chronicle of the school make it almost inevitable that each number records changes in staff. This melancholy task is happily tined with pleasure when a change is the achievement of a long-cherished ambition.

When, eight years ago, Mr Goodfellow was seconded to the Brincliffe Emergency Training College, few of us thought that he would rejoin us here, and his eventual return, with the closing of the College, was felt by most of us to be a marking of time until his well-merited promotion arrived.

His association with the school goes back many years; indeed as long as my own, when as junior probationers at the Pupil Teacher Centre, he and I were terrified young boys who were bullied every week into usually unsuccessful attempts to prevent the great hulking giants of eighteen years of age from driving a heavy ball with the speed of light between two posts which seemed to us mites to be very wide apart.

He left the school to attend the University of Sheffield, where we were fellow students, and he beat me by ab out six months to an appointment on this staff just over thirty years ago, so perhaps it is not unfitting that I should have been asked to write a note on his association with the school.

There remain on the staff now very few who are fully alive to all that he has done for the school. For many years before assuming the responsibilities of Senior Master, he had, in a multitude of ways, endeared himself to all. He was untiring in his efforts, both in and out of school hours and was a wise counsellor to students who were leaving the school and were seeking advice on choosing a career. The Holly Guild, too, had always a very high regard for him, as its secretary for many years, as a member of the Benevolent Trust, and now as a Vice-President. He was the untiring Adjutant of the School's Squadron of the Air Training Corps, and will always be remembered with gratitude as one of the "back-room boys" of the School Dramatic Society, and as the author of the now anachronistic School Song.

We all, staff and students alike, are again missing "His Goodfellowship", and wish him well in his new sphere as Head Master of Wisewood Secondary School, a promotion he has richly deserved.

Alan Goodfellow first left CGS in 1946 - Article