LEAVER The Holly Leaf (1947)

Mr. Alan W. Goodfellow M.A. - Left 1946

The sense of pride which a School rightly feels in the promotion of one of the members of its Staff must always be tinged with some sadness, which is the keener as the years strengthen the bonds.

In wishing Mr. Goodfellow well in his new appointment as Lecturer in Education at the Brincliffe Emergency Training College in Sheffield, my thoughts inevitably go back to the days when I first knew him as a Junior Probationer at the old Pupil Teacher Centre, in short breeches, shivering in one goal at the old field at High Storrs while I shivered at the other. We were boys together then and fellow students at the University, and his appointment to this Staff predated my own by only six months, so perhaps I may be pardoned for feeling rather more than academic interest in his welfare.

He owes much to the School, as I sure he would confess, but the School, and this magazine, owes him much more. In his long association of over thirty years he has been untiring in his devotion, and no branch of the School's activities has been outside the sphere of his interests. In addition to his responsibilities as Sixth Form master, he was for several years in charge of the Library, and took a keen interest in the Dramatic and Historical Societies; and even when he was appointed Adjutant of the School Squadron of the A.T.C. He still found time to teach a little history.

His live association with the Holly Guild has been, and I am sure will be, a real source of happiness to himself and all its members. He carries with him to his new appointment the best wishes of old as well as present students and Staff, and the knowledge that in the School Song we shall always have a reminder of the privilege of counting him a colleague and friend.

E. H. Taylor

Alan Goodfellow rejoined and left CGS again in 1954 - ARTICLE