LEAVER The Holly Leaf (1921)

Mr. Oldale - Left in September 1921

Among the events of the summer has been the advent of Mr. Oldale, and everyone regrets that he has proved to be only a bird of passage.  In May he suddenly appeared as an addition to the Staff and we now learn that in September he sails for India to take up his own subject, Metallurgy, at the "Tata" Steel Works, Jamshedpur, 150 miles north of Calcutta.  Mr. Oldale has had a very eventful career.  He served in the army from the beginning of the war and was one of the few survivors of our City Battalion, which, on July 1st, 1916 - dark day in the annals of Sheffield - made that ill-fated attach at Serres.  Five times wounded on that occasion, he lived to receive a Captaincy in the 7th Battalion York and Lancaster.  A few months after the Armistice he returned to Sheffield University and qualified as Bachelor of Metallurgy.  It is no secret that "The Captain" is a universal favourite with us.  He commands his classes and manoeuvres them through the difficulties of mathematics with that light-hearted air which must have made it almost as easy for his men to march into action as it now is for his class to arrive at a Q.E.D.  Though he has only been with us for so short a time he has entered so whole-heartedly into the life of the Centre that we feel privileged as friends to wish him every success in the career that lies before him.  (At the moment of going to press we learn from a private source that the Captain hopes to pursue the hobbies of snake-charming, ludo, keeping warm and studying "idiot syncrasies," - but why go so far as India to cultivate the last of these hobbies?)