OBITUARY The Holly Leaf (April 62)

Miss Dora Laycock who died on February 15th. 1962 was a member of staff at the Sheffield Pupil Teacher Centre from 1922 to 1950.

Miss Dora Laycock, a retired member of the staff, died very suddenly on February 15th. 1962. Through her death the school has lost a most esteemed and loved friend. She, a pupil of Sheffield High School, graduated as a Bachelor of Arts at Sheffield University. She joined the staff at the Pupil Teacher Centre (later to be known as the City Grammar School) in 1922 and retired in 1952.
Her subject, Geography in the Junior School, was always much appreciated as her lessons were so thorough, so alive and illuminated with beautiful map-work for she had much artistic talent, they made life-long impressions on her pupils.
She was so deeply interested in her pupils and they respected her quiet dignity and peaceful serenity which helped to mould the character of the school.
Many old pupils have endearing memories of her and feel how privileged they were to have been taught by her.
Her colleagues too appreciated her integrity and kindness and her friends received more than a measure of happiness.
Evergreen will be her memory to all who knew her.
Miss Mary L. Johnson.