OBITUARY The Holly Leaf (December 1934)

Mr. Alfred Meetham (Principal) died on September 3rd. 1934


It is with deep regret that we offer this tribute to the affectionate memory of our late Principal, and tender again our respectful sympathy to his family.

It is always difficult to put one's sorrow into silent print - it is almost impossible to express the sense of bereavement in which we felt, and feel, the loss of Mr. Meetham.

To all appearance his usual stalwart smiling self, Mr. Meetham left us at the end of term for a well-earned rest and holiday in Somerset.  To most of the Centre the news of his death in the final week of the vacation, came with a double shock.  To those of us who knew of his sudden illness a few days after leaving Sheffield, the holiday was a long and anxious period in which hope of recovery became rapidly slight.  After a brave fight, he passed away on September 3rd.


"Alfred Meetham has had an influence for good on many a young life and no-one can estimate the extent of that influence.  It will make itself felt for many years to come."  So spoke the Vicar of Ecclesall and we know it to be true.  The confidence which the Governors and the Education Committee placed in him, he proved during his short leadership of us to have been amply merited.  His interest in all types of School activity was keen and stimulating, and the time and labour he expended on his work were considerable.  The School under his direction moved from success to success.  What we shall most easily recall of him is his serenity, his calm impartiality, his imperturbable poise of manner:  what we shall not easily forget is his friendly helpfulness.

We remember well - to well - the words he spoke to us on his appointment as Acting-Principal on the death of Mr. Batey:  "Notwithstanding our heavy loss and sorrow, we shall carry on.  Centre must go on - Centre will go on, in that spirit of work and efficiency which he would have expected of it."  Those words apply now as they were meant to apply then.  It is with that intention that we shall carry on, and in doing so, remember with pride and affection an excellent teacher, a valued colleague, a good man, and a friend.