RETIREMENT The Holly Leaf (April 59)

Mr H J Callister - Retired July 1958

July, 1958 was the end of an era for the City Grammar School. It began in May, 1920, when the new Chemistry Master, Mr Harold John Callister, arrived at what was then the Pupil Teacher Centre. He was already a man of wide culture and varied experience, for he had behind him his career at Sheffield University and four years on active service in the Army in France. He had been teaching at St Barnabas' Church School, and was selected by the newly appointed Head Master of the P.T.C., Mr Joseph Batey, whose argument was that if his pupils were potential teachers they themselves should be influenced by men and women of outstanding teaching ability. Since then, Mr Callister has known five Head Masters, dozens of assistant masters and mistresses, and thousands of pupils. All have recognised and responded in varying degrees to the warmth of his nature and his genuine kindness. Even those unfortunates writhing under the blasts of his Celtic temperament and his quick tongue have been conscious of his friendly attitude and his desire for their ultimate welfare. One of Mr. Callister's gifts has always been the ability to meet his pupils on their own ground and to put his point of view in their own language. More than one old student has commented, "School won't be the same without Mr. Callister".

His wide range of interests has enabled him to move easily from chemistry to authoritative lectures on Manx fairies and, during the war, to stead work for the A.T.C.

His interest in his pupils did not cease when they left school. For a long time he had been Treasurer of the Holly Guild, and has devoted a great amount of time and energy to the efficient administration of its funds, including the Benevolent Fund.

School, staff, and old students combine in wishing Mr. Callister full enjoyment of the long and happy retirement that he so richly deserves.

Ralph Hum