RETIREMENT The Holly Leaf (April 58)

Miss C Hutchinson, B.Sc - Retired July 1957

The last day of a summer term marks for many the end of one phase in their lives, perhaps as students or perhaps as members of the staff; but July 1957, saw the end of the teaching career of one who had spent no less than thirty-seven years here with us.

Miss Hutchinson graduated at Sheffield University, taking three practical sciences, Botany, Chemistry and Zoology, in her degree. Her first teaching post was at Petersfield, where she spent a most enjoyable year in that delightful Hampshire town. Her return to Sheffield to join the staff of the Pupil Teacher Centre was prompted by her desire to be at home with her beloved parents, and to serve the students of her native city. At first she taught chiefly Botany, but later Biology was introduced into the curriculum and Miss Hutchinson revelled in the opportunities this subject afforded her to direct students along the paths leading to University. Many who have successful qualified as dentists, doctors and teachers own the foundation of their success to her skilful and patient teaching. Miss Hutchinson's lessons, whether to Form I or to the Upper VI, were always prepared with the utmost thoroughness and her enthusiasm for her subject was boundless. Students were fascinated with the ease with which she produced artistic blackboard illustrations or did an intricate dissection of frog or earthworm.

Looking back over the years, one thinks of the qualities which endeared Miss Hutchinson to staff and student alike. She was absolutely loyal to the highest principles and never shirked or scamped any duty or responsibility. Her quiet gentleness will long be remembered and there are many who will recall acts of kindness and generosity. These were always done by stealth, prompted as they were be a genuine love of her fellows.

The loss of her sister with whom she lived was a grievous blow, but with characteristic fortitude, the new situation was faced and the difficulties were resolved.

And now, while others unfold the mysteries of the plant and animal kingdoms to fresh generations or students, we would wish Miss Hutchinson a long and very happy retirement. May she find abundant time to enjoy her music, her art, her garden and the company of her friends.