RETIREMENT The Holly Leaf (April 1949)

Miss Marianne Tate - Retired 1948

I feel privileged to write about Miss Tate who, at the end of September retired after nearly forty years' service under the Sheffield Education Committee.

In 1909, she came from Leeds to teach in Whitby Road Council School and remained there for eleven years, during which time, and for several years after, she took an active part in social work in Darnall, giving much of her leisure to Sunday School classes and being the inspiration behind many a Whitsuntide Pageant.

In 1920, when our school, then known as the Pupil Teacher Centre, began its life as a secondary school, with its numbers increased, Miss Tate was appointed to the staff.  Much is owed to her in helping to build the tradition and good name of the School, from those early days on through the short period of its history as the City Secondary School and in recent years as the City Grammar School.

I have enjoyed an unbroken friendship with Miss Tate ever since I came to Sheffield - always have I found her sincere, with high ideals, a sense of humour and a quiet, gentle manner.  I can say with confidence that she earned the affection and esteem of her pupils and colleagues.  She had, year by year, the uphill task of starting young boys and girls in their new life in Form I.  She helped them to settle down and to feel that they were members of a great school which deserved their highest loyalty.

Past and present students will remember all their lives how they were inspired by the thoroughness of Miss Tate's teaching.  Her work, in this school, was the teaching of Arithmetic, Music and English.  Latterly, she devoted her whole time to English, which she loved, and much pleasure did she give and receive by her close contact with her pupils.  She had a warm appreciation of music and at one time was in charge of this subject in the school.  An enthusiastic orchestra, about which members still talk with pleasure, enjoyed a successful and vigorous time under her leadership.

We shall long remember the inspiring address she gave in the School Hall, when she thanked the School for their beautiful gift of a lamp, and bade us all farewell.

We are sad to lose Miss Tate, but do wish her many years of good health in which to enjoy her well earned retirement at Lowthorpe, Yorkshire.

Mary L. Johnson

Miss Marianne Tate died in February 1966 - OBITUARY