RETIREMENT The Holly Leaf (1952)

Miss D. L. Taylor - Staff member (1920-1951)

Miss Taylor joined the Staff of the Sheffield Pupil Teacher Centre (now the City Grammar School in May, 1920, and gave the school her loyal devotion until her retirement in August, 1951.

Her belief in the innate goodness of human nature, her sympathetic understanding of its frailties and her infinite patience roused in her pupils the desire to succeed and the belief that success was within their reach.  Her cheerfulness and practical common sense are known to the many who have sought her help in times of trouble.

Many past students will remember the unfailing interest Miss Taylor showed in their well-being and her unflagging enthusiasm as a guide during our visits to Paris.  They will also recall the large share she had in the production of hand-made programmes which were once such a feature of our Speech Day.

Serenity, a quiet mind and a wise tolerance guided by a dislike of insincerity in any guise are attributes which have made Miss Taylor's influence in the school of great moral value.

The writer must add a personal note.  For many years she has enjoyed Miss Taylor's friendship, a source of happiness not marred by one moment of misunderstanding.  She would wish her readers the joy of such a friendship.  We all hope Miss Taylor will have many years of happy retirement.