RETIREMENT The Holly Leaf (February 1951)

Miss K Wastnidge B.A.  - Retired July 1950

On the last day of the summer term we of the City Grammar School said, "Good-by", to Miss Wastnidge with deep regret. She had always shared in the life of the school so fully that it was difficult to envisage the coming year without her. Miss Wastnidge could, in any subject under discussion, make straight for the essential point, ignoring all unnecessary side issues. Her sound common sense and clear thinking solved many a knotty problem for us. Whatever our troubles and difficulties, her patience and sympathy were freely given. Insincerity of every kind she hated, and courageously she upheld all that is true and honourable.

Among her many activities, she was for many years in charge of the School National Savings Group. She also was keenly interested in the business side of the Dramatic Society. School and the lives of the children occupied a great deal of her time for many years, time which she gave unstintingly. How, with more leisure, she will be able to follow her many other activities, for Miss Wastnidge never confined her interests to narrow limits and had a wide knowledge of the world outside the school walls. We feel, however, that her thoughts will often return to the people and places she knew so well.